"MAKING COLOR SING" DVD 7 Lesson Workshop Set is SOLD OUT! For artists who own my DVD Workshop Set, enjoy it and share it with another artist.

Enjoy a PREVIEW of the TURNING ERRORS INTO ASSETS lesson #7, from the Jeanne Dobie "Making Color Sing" DVD Workshop Set.

Lesson 1    Introduction + 12 Shapes - "No amount of technique will save an impoverished composition." This is the important cornerstone lesson of the series, designed to strengthen compositions.
Lesson 2    Jeanne's Pure Pigment Palette + Mouse Power - Are you trapped in color formulas and triads that produce ho-hum paintings? Add Mouse Power to your painting vocabulary - colors that are "settings" that make gem-like colors sing!
Lesson 3    Greens Should Not Look Green - If you are an artist that avoids greens, this lesson will change that!
Lesson 4    Paper as Part of the Painting - Discover the most important component working for you when designing a composition.
Lesson 5    Octanic Color - Which pigments give you potent mixtures? A lesson with surprising results.
Lesson 6    Dark Partners - Darks can also be catalysts for glowing lights. Are you making the wisest choices?
Lesson 7    Errors into Assets - Results so beautiful, you may want to plan mistakes on purpose!

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